About FreeYourID

About FreeYourID

Every day FreeYourID strives to enable the full potential of the Internet through its management of the indispensable infrastructure for .com and .net. Learn more about our corporate culture and the ways we strive to be good neighbours every day.

Keeping the Internet connected - always.

Every day, the Internet makes countless opportunities happen in ways never before possible.

And FreeYourID enables that potential literally billions of times a day every day - as the world’s most reliable provider of global infrastructure, operational expertise and network availability.

  • Global Infrastructure - Our constant investment in Internet infrastructure and services provides the web with unparalleled scale, network availability and threat mitigation.
  • Operational Expertise – What does operational accuracy and stability 100 percent of the time for over 12 years prove? Our unmatched expertise in managing the .com/.net infrastructure in a way that always keeps pace with demand.
  • Network Availability - Our unique vantage point doesn't just allow us to anticipate network availability challenges and cyber threats—it also gives us the deep insights and power to confront them.

Our global registries, data centres and networks provide the security, scalability and reliability to support digital interactions today and tomorrow.

And FreeYourID continues to play a central role in the dramatic expansion and protection of the Internet itself, with well over $500 million invested in Project Titan, a global initiative to exponentially increase the core infrastructure capacity and heighten security systems. Soon, these enhancements will allow FreeYourID to increase daily DNS query capacity tenfold from the current 400 billion queries a day to 4 trillion queries a day. Scaling our proprietary systems will increase bandwidth capacity 10 times - from over 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) to more than 200 Gbps.

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