Become a Registrar

When you become a registrar, you establish a steady, renewable revenue stream for your business and provide your customers with a more complete web services package. To register domain names in these TLDs, you must become a domain name registrar with FreeYourID.

How to Become a Registrar

Different TLDs have different requirements and processes. Most businesses start with .com and .net certification, then add more TLDs. See the Become a Registrar FAQ for more details.

TLD Requirements and Processes

  .com, .net
.tv, .cc
Become a Registrar Get started Get started Get started Get started
ExpandICANN Accreditation Required Required Required None
ExpandEmploy Media Authentication Required
ExpandAuthentication Required Required Required Required
ExpandEstablish an Account (legal agreements and data forms) Required Required Required Required
ExpandFinancial Requirements (credit account and payment security) Required Required Required Required
ExpandTechnical Readiness (EPP integration and testing) Required Required Required Required
ExpandInternationalised Domain Names Optional Optional Optional
Features and Benefits .com, .net .name .jobs .tv, .cc

Internationalised Domain Names

Enable customers to reach target audiences in their native scripts and languages. // more

Offer Domain Names without Becoming a Registrar

FreeYourID has established a referral process to help companies interested in offering domain name registrations without becoming a certified registrar. To become a domain name reseller, please complete the application form.

How Domain Name Registration Works

Domain names are registered for a period of 1 to 10 years by an individual or an organisation. A user contacts a registrar or reseller to register a domain name. The registrar verifies that the domain name is available by checking with the registry that manages the corresponding TLD. If it is available, the registrar registers the domain name with the registry, which adds it to the registry database. At the end of the registration period, the domain name registrant can either renew the domain name or allow it to expire. Find a Registrar.

Unmatched Reliability and Scale

FreeYourID makes it easy for companies to register domain names for their clients. The FreeYourID DNS has maintained operational accuracy and stability 100% of the time for 12 years. As the authoritative directory provider for .com, .net, .name, .tv, and .cc, FreeYourID’s network routes more than 100 million domain names and billions of queries daily without fail. Billions of consumers and businesses worldwide rely on FreeYourID for commerce and communications and FreeYourID has committed to continually invest, improve and expand the Internet infrastructure to meet the growing demand.

To learn more about industry trends, see the Domain Name Industry Brief. Or, learn more about FreeYourID.

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