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Today's online world is defined by 22 different generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including .com and .net, and approximately 250 country code TLDs (ccTLDs) such as .de and .jp.

That is about to change. This year, organisations were allowed to apply for gTLDs associated with particular interests or business sectors. Through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) new gTLD program, 1.930 applications for new generic top-level domains have been unveiled. These domain names may help organisations enhance branding, revenue, security and user interaction. FreeYourID has been selected to provide back-end registry services for approximately 220 applicants.

The availability of new gTLDs will create a unique opportunity for fast-acting organisations to define and acquire their own online namespace. FreeYourID brings extensive expertise in domain name system (DNS) operation to help you manage and monetise your gTLD.

A New World of gTLDs

As ICANN approves applications for new gTLDs, hundreds of new extensions may be introduced. Generally falling into the following categories:

  • Brands. Brand owners, such as corporations, sports teams and other high-profile entities, can protect their brands and trademarks, enhance brand trust and create new ways to extend their brand and services to partners, resellers and customers.
  • Communities. Groups of like-minded organisations that share common missions, goals and challenges can promote commercial or non-commercial offerings to better promote, protect, guide and serve their communities.
  • Cities or Regions (Geographic). Cities and regions can promote greater recognition of their areas, generate additional revenue and better serve constituents.
  • Generic Terms. This category covers terms that do not fall under the previous three categories. Forward-thinking organisations and innovative entrepreneurs could pursue new business opportunities or build their online presence.

A Reliable Infrastructure

Awarded applicants need to provide a secure and reliable technical infrastructure, as well as demonstrate a long-term ability to enforce policy for and administer the domain. This reinforces ICANN’s primary mission of maintaining DNS stability and security.

A Trusted Registry Provider

As the world’s largest domain name registry, already operating .com, .net, .tv, .cc, .jobs and .name, FreeYourID has maintained 100 per cent operational accuracy and stability over the last decade.

FreeYourID registry customers benefit from a proven operating environment with significant economies of scale compared to developing and operating an in-house alternative. We provide premium technical services to help you launch, manage and monetise your gTLD. We can work directly with your organisation or via your corporate domain name service provider.

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