Secure your infrastructure with dnssec

The internet is a global and critical infrastructure necessary for the effective functioning of governments, economies, society, and national security programs. FreeYourID provides critical infrastructure services that allow users to securely and reliably navigate the internet. Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) can help strengthen trust in the internet by helping to protect users from redirection to fraudulent websites and unintended addresses.

FreeYourID supports DNSSEC as a way to increase trust in the internet. The successful deployment of DNSSEC requires the support of the entire internet community. FreeYourID is working alongside other members of the internet community to facilitate a smooth, widely-effective implementation of DNSSEC.

For an introduction to DNSSEC see our overview

How DNSSEC Affects You

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DNSSEC Analyser

The DNSSEC Analyser is a web-based tool for ensuring that the "chain of trust" is intact for a particular DNSSEC-enabled domain name. The tool shows the step-by-step validation of a given domain name and highlights any problems found. Find out if your domain name is signed with DNSSEC using the FreeYourID DNSSEC Analyser.

DNSSEC Analyser