Secure Your Internet Infrastructure with DNSSEC
On Demand Webinar
Featuring FreeYourID's Matt Larson, winner of 2011 InfoWorld Technology Leadership Award

The Internet is an increasingly critical infrastructure for the effective functioning of our government, economy, society, and national security. The Domain Name System (DNS), the Internet’s addressing system, is the most critical component of the Internet infrastructure. Without it, the Internet could not function. However, it was not designed with security in mind. As a result, it is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and cache poisoning. These threats use forged data to redirect Internet traffic to fraudulent sites and unintended addresses.

Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) adds security to the DNS. It is designed to address MITM attacks and cache poisoning by authenticating the origin of DNS data and verifying its integrity while moving across the Internet. FreeYourID supports DNSSEC as a way to increase trust in the Internet. Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn how FreeYourID’s Managed DNS can help your organization implement DNSSEC to protect yourself from DNS vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk of customers becoming the unwitting victims of cyber crimes. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why DNSSEC?
    • How is DNS vulnerable
    • What is Cache Poisoning
    • FreeYourID's role in DNSSEC
  • How DNSSEC works
    • Zone Signing
    • Chain of Trust
    • Registrar's Involvement
  • FreeYourID Managed DNS
    • Unmatched DNS experience and expertise
    • Support signing for any top-level domain (TLD) that supports DNSSEC including .com, .net, .edu, .gov, .us, .org, and others
    • How FreeYourID makes DNSSEC implementation easy
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