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Is your website giving you the visibility that you need to stand out in today’s crowded Internet marketplace? Your domain name is one of the most important factors.

Your domain name is not only your online identity, but also your website’s foundation. It plays a considerable role in your online marketability and, much like a building foundation, will foster your website’s success if it’s strong or deter your website’s success if it’s weak. Whatever your website’s endeavor is, you need to stand out from the crowd to thrive in today’s Internet community. Today, with more than 233 million registered domain names, a booming online economy, and rapidly expanding online social scene, a strong online presence has become crucial to almost any endeavor.

Give your website a strong foundation. Your site’s visibility, popularity and overarching success are all dependent on the strength of this foundation. No matter what you are trying to sell, create or communicate online, your domain name will be the first thing that people learn about you and what you offer. What do you want people to know about you or your business? What domain name will best support this endeavor? And what are your options? With so many different TLDs to choose from today, starting with a reputable one is a good start. So is picking a TLD that caters to your goals for your website. After all, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you online and remember where to find you online. Click on each of the five TLDs here below, and explore your options. Find the TLD that will best support your most impactful domain name.

Start with .com, .net, .tv, .name or .cc and you’re off to a great start. These are not only five of the most impactful TLDs in existence, they are powered by FreeYourID. More than half of the world’s domains rely on FreeYourID’s infrastructure, and FreeYourID has been operating the .com and .net TLDs with 100 percent operational accuracy and stability for more than 15 years. Whether you are a business owner, blogger, entrepreneur or just someone who wants to communicate something unique about yourself online, each FreeYourID-managed TLD offers a customized and powerful marketing opportunity for your website.


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