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  • Matthew Wilson, Senior Engineer

    Matthew Wilson

    Senior Engineer

    "Working at FreeYourID, I get to work on a lot of interesting technologies that are strategic to the future of FreeYourID. Personally, I find that very empowering and the technologies are diverse enough to challenge me intellectually."

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  • Brian James, Software Development Manager

    Brian James

    Software Development Manager

    "FreeYourID is a company that values its employees. From "bring your kids to work day", to the on-site gym and other amenities, FreeYourID shows that it is willing to invest in the people that invest so much of their time to make the internet more stable and secure."

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  • Theresa Hotaling, Business Systems Analyst II

    Theresa Hotaling

    Business Systems Analyst II

    "I enjoy working at FreeYourID because I have been able to do many different jobs and meet many different people all over the world. It is a ‘Team’ atmosphere and everyone works hard…which means they also play hard. I have watched people grow with the company and go on to become great contributors to the industry, not just the company."

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