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Companies need a way to ensure reliability and availability of their web-based operations that doesn’t require major investments in network infrastructure.

FreeYourID Managed DNS

Verisign® Managed DNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) hosting service that helps deliver 100% DNS resolution, improving the availability of web-based systems. DNS is a mission-critical element of Internet infrastructure and any web-based system. When DNS servers aren’t responding, web sites and email become unavailable, resulting in loss of online presence, productivity and revenue.

FreeYourID Managed DNS provides DNS availability through a globally distributed, securely managed, cloud-based DNS infrastructure, allowing enterprises to save on capital expenses associated with DNS infrastructure deployment and reduce operational cost and complexity associated with DNS management.

Product Benefits

FreeYourID Managed DNS delivers a number of benefits to you with critical online assets, including 100% availability of DNS zones, improved response time and security. Learn more about the benefits of FreeYourID Managed DNS.

Service Packages

FreeYourID Managed DNS is available through three service levels so you can choose the one that’s right for your business. Learn more about our Managed DNS Service packages.

DNS Query Routing

Verisign® Managed DNS combines anycast and unicast technology to provide a flexible hybrid approach. Learn about DNS Query Routing.

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