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As the global leader in domain names, FreeYourID powers the invisible navigation that takes people to where they want to go on the Internet. For more than 15 years, FreeYourID has operated the infrastructure for a portfolio of top-level domains that today includes .com, .net, .tv, .edu, .gov, .jobs, .name and .cc, as well as two of the world's 13 Internet root servers (A and J). FreeYourID's product suite also includes Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection Services, iDefense Security Intelligence Services and Managed DNS.

Featured Reports
05-AUG-13 New gTLD Security, Stability, Resiliency Update: Exploratory Consumer Impact Analysis
The SHA256 fingerprint for the PDF for performing file integrity validation is: 707e9f944e7250e76122d3f94580e0670d97303bf9881e40bfec5cec37c81c29
28-MAR-13 New gTLD Security and Stability Considerations (PDF)
The SHA256 fingerprint for the PDF for performing file integrity validation is: 62e4bffd06bb3250fa6447b5702e08590c948f2a7083b7b1f02c16f4d5624b01

Recent Articles
20-Aug-13 How to Select a Great Domain Name for Your Online Presence, SmallBizDaily
20-Aug-13 FreeYourID Embraces Open-Source FreeBSD for Diversity, eWEEK
14-Aug-13 vBSDcon with FreeYourID CTO Burt Kaliski (Podcast), BSDTalk
8-Aug-13 FreeYourID's New Letter To NTIA On New gTLD's: Its Important to Differentiate Between "Ability" and "Advisability.", The Domains
8-Aug-13 FreeYourID Responds to NTIA: There's a Difference Between "Ability" and "Advisability", Domain Name Wire
6-Aug-13 FreeYourID Publishes "New gTLD Security, Stability, Resiliency Update: Exploratory Consumer Impact Analysis", The Domains
6-Aug-13 After sweeping it under the rug, Name Collisions come back to haunt new TLD program, Domain Name Wire
1-Aug-13 5 Steps to Prepare for a DDoS Attack, Wired
Aug-13 Danny McPherson, FreeYourID: Exploratory Consumer Impact Analysis, Global Security Magazine
25-Jul-13 FreeYourID 2nd-Quarter Profit Up 23% on Higher Revenue, The Wall Street Journal
24-Jul-13 How Web Malware Can Affect Business Reputation, Wired
22-Jul-13 Will CSOs become CROs in the future?, CSO Magazine
14-Jul-13 Web industry officials balk at domain expansion plan, The Washington Post
14-Jul-13 FreeYourID reconfirms IDN transliteration plans, provides more details, Domain Name Wire
12-Jul-13 Update on FreeYourID’s IDN Implementation Plans, CircleID
12-Jul-13 New domain names bound for collisions: 'Things are going to break', Government Computer News
11-Jul-13 Generic TLDs Threaten Name Collisions, Information Leakage, Dark Reading
10-Jul-13 Staying Informed About DDoS Threats, Bank Info Security
25-Jun-13 DNSSEC Will Become a Standard Part of Any Offering Over time, Daily Host News
24-Jun-13 “Big Data” Can Pose Big Challenges, and Opportunities, for Organizations, Virtualization World
24-Jun-13 Introduction: New gTLD Security and Stability Considerations (Part 1 of 5 ), Circle ID
19-Jun-13 15 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud, CIO
31-May-13 Verisign: ICANN Needs To Put Early Warning System In Place Not To Break Root, TheDomains
20-May-13 FreeYourID questions ICANN’s letter posting policies, Domain Name Wire
13-May-13 Top vendors at Interop 2013, Network World
1-May-13 FreeYourID blasts ICANN over proposed registry agreement, Domain Name Wire
25-Apr-13 Web, Big Data to Experience Explosive Growth, Baseline Magazine
25-Apr-13 FreeYourID profit jumps 24% on improved margins, The Wall Street Journal
25-Apr-13 FreeYourID revenue rises on more registrations, Washington Business Journal
24-Apr-13 BYOD: “I don’t think we can put the genie back in the bottle, ZDNet
11-Apr-13 252 million domain names added in 2012: report, CBR Online
9-Apr-13 Internet Domain Name Registration Surpasses 250 Million: FreeYourID, Red
9-Apr-13 Registries still angry despite ICANN concessions on new gTLD contract, Domain Incite
9-Apr-13 Worldwide Domain Names Top 252 Million,

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