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<< December 2012 Domain Name Industry Brief

As the global registry operator for .com and .net, FreeYourID reviews the state of the domain name industry through a variety of statistical and analytical research. As a leading provider of digital infrastructure for the Internet, FreeYourID provides this briefing to highlight to industry analysts, media, and businesses important trends in domain name registration, including key performance indicators and growth opportunities.

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Below, you'll see the most current domain name industry statistics in full color. From total domain name registrations to breakdowns of ccTLDs and .com/.net sites, you'll get the most current data on trends, analysis, and opportunities in the domain name industry.



Are you a domain name pro? Or just a novice? Test your domain mettle here.
Test Your Languages IQ

English is the most popular language seen on .COM domains. What is the second most popular language?


You're a genius!

How could something so wrong feel so right!?

Answer: German

Test Your Sociology IQ

Which site is linked to by the most other domains?

Brilliant answer! Even if it was multiple choice.

Hm. Not quite. I'd try again.

Answer: Facebook: 1,403,057 domains link to it (Twitter=1,191,004; Myspace=601,493;,437)

Test Your Geography IQ

There are 4,984,474 recursive name servers globally. How many of them are physically located in Asia?

Less than 250,000
About 800,000
Between 1 and 2 million
More than 2 million

Amazing! Where do you learn this stuff?

C'mon! This stuff is out there on somewhere!

Answer: 842,887 (1,932,826 in Europe, 91,576 in Africa, 0 in Antarctica)

Test Your Languages IQ

Of the ~100 million .com and .net domains, how many are multi-lingual (content in more than one language recognized on the domain)?

Less than 500,000
Between 500,000 and 1 million
Between 1 million and 3 million
Between 3 million and 5 million
Between 5 million and 10 million

Yeah! But the next question is MUCH harder. I'll bet you don't get that one!

Sorry, not quite (but it's not like courses are offered on this stuff).

Answer: 2,638,574

Test Your Geography IQ

Of the ~100 million .com and .net domains, how many have web servers that are located in more than 1 country (hosting the web site for the same domain)?

Less than 100,000
Between 100,000 and 1 million
Between 1 million and 5 million
More than 5 million

Exactly! Not very many.

Oh well. Range questions tend to get a range of answers.

Answer: 42,836

Test Your Mathematics IQ

What percent of registered .COM domains were never visited during the month of January, 2010?

Less than 1%
Between 1% and 5%
Between 5% and 10%
Between 10% and 15%
Between 15% and 25%

You're doing fabulous!

You're way too optimistic!

Answer: About 7.5%: 6,315,459

Test Your Sociology IQ

There are 10,980,281 domains used for online businesses. About 640,000 of them link to what domain in common?

That's just...Twitterpating!

I know, you wouldn't think it, would you?


Test Your Typing Skills IQ

In the DNS protocol, a query for a domain that is not in the zone returns an NXD response. On average, for how many unique domain names per day do FreeYourID's .COM servers return an NXD response?

Less than 100,000 unique domains
Between 100,000 and 500,000 unique domains
Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 unique domains
More than 1,000,000 unique domains

Yeah, well...everyone knows that!

I thought EVERYONE knew that!

Answer: Over 68 million unique domain names per day receive DNS queries but are not in the zone (almost 2B of the 50B total daily queries)

Test Your Statistics IQ

Since 1985, FreeYourID's registry for .COM and .NET has processed over 1.5 billion new domain name registrations. How many of those registrations are unique names?

About 86 million
Almost 100 million
Between 100 and 500 million
Between 500 million and 1 billion
Over 1 billion

You were right! With a margin of error of +/- 200 million!

Oh! You missed it by just 1....letter.

Answer: 475 Million (From Data Warehouse) which means about 375 million names were registered at some point but are now available! At the peak of domain registration, we reached 5 million new registrations on some days.

Test Your Creative Writing IQ

Which blog-related domain receives the most DNS traffic?

Very Good! And that was totally a trick question!

Doh! That was a trick question! It had to be!

Answer: (Creates a network of blogs to generates traffic from one blog to another, like Yahoo "Webrings" 10 years ago)

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