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Registrar Information Form

All sections and fields are required unless otherwise indicated. If you require assistance, please contact Customer Affairs at .

I. Registrar Information ?

II. Required E-Mail Addresses


III. Security Pass Phrase ?


IV. Contacts ?

Administrative Contact 1 (must be 24 x 7) ?

Administrative Contact 2

Administrative Contact 3

Chief Executive Officer ?


Attorney or Legal Representative

Technical Contact 1 ?

Technical Contact 2

Technical Contact 3

Billing Contact ?

Primary Contact (receive legal notices) ?

Secondary Contact (receive legal notices) ?

Transfer Point of Contact

V. System Information


International Customers ?

  • What is the best time to call the listed contacts? This is requested in the event that contact is necessary via telephone.
  • How many hours difference is there between the Registrar’s office and the Registry, which is on Eastern Time in the United States?
  • Does the Registrar’s staff speak English? If not, what is the primary language? This is to assist the Registry in providing Customer Service.

VI. Comments

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