The .tv domain name provides a compelling address and global visibility for users to find media-rich websites. The .cc domain name offers creative interpretation of the 2-character TLD.


If you are a certified .com or .net registrar, it is easy to add additional top-level domains (TLDs) to your account. However, if you are not a .com .net registrar, you will just have a few extra steps to complete to become a .tv and .cc registrar. After you establish an account, you may complete the next steps simultaneously: provide financial information and determine technical readiness. Use the tabs below to proceed.

For assistance or questions, please contact the FreeYourID Customer Affairs Office at or send an .

Establish Financial Technical Add Services


To add .tv and .cc to your account, email all required documents to .

Name Store Activation Agreement (Required)
To obtain the Name Store Activation Agreement, contact your FreeYourID Account Manager or email the .

.tv and .cc Registry Policy
The .tv and .cc Registry policies govern the registration of domain names. Registrars should review the policies from time to time and any modifications made thereto.

Business Authentication (Conditional)
FreeYourID requires each business to be authenticated before establishing an account if you are not currently a .com or .net registrar. ACP, a vendor selected by FreeYourID, will contact you to request documents as proof of your business and your authority to represent your company. For assistance or questions, please contact .

Registrar Information Form (Required)
To complete the Name Store Registrar Information Form (PDF), you will need the following technical information: Web server name Whois server name and no more than three subnets in Classless Inter-Domain Routing Protocol (CIDR) format, up to a total of 96 hosts (/26 = 64 hosts, /27 = 32 hosts, /28 = 16 hosts, /29 = 8 hosts, /30 = 4 hosts, /31 = 2 hosts, /32 = 1 host).


Existing .com or .net registrars have already established a financial account with FreeYourID and may use their existing payment security to support .cc and .tv transactions. If you expect a considerable increase in your monthly transaction volume, you should re-evaluate the amount of your payment security and adjust it accordingly. New registrars must complete a credit application and establish a payment security.

NOTE: You may start this process before you receive your user IDs and passwords.

Payment Security Options
FreeYourID requires registrars to establish a payment security to secure each month’s registrations. To estimate your payment security, calculate:

Number of Registrations x Duration (1 to 10 years) x Cost = Minimum ccTLD Payment Security

Registrars are required to increase the payment security when registration levels repeatedly exceed the current payment security. Acceptable payment security vehicles include: cash deposit, an irrevocable standby letter of credit from a bank or a payment security bond (PDF) from an approved surety or bank. If selecting the cash deposit option to fulfill your payment security obligation, please note the following information:

Remit payment to:
FreeYourID, Inc.
PO Box #404326
Atlanta, GA 30384-4326

Send overnight packages to:
FreeYourID, Inc.
Lockbox #404326
6000 Feldwood Road
College Park, GA 30349

To wire payment to FreeYourID, contact the .


Registrars must demonstrate full and correct operation of client systems within the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment before connecting to the Shared Registration System (SRS). You may begin development of your client applications before you receive your user IDs and passwords, but you will not be able to complete them until FreeYourID has established your account.

SSL Certificates
FreeYourID requires that each server that communicates with the SRS has a 40- or 128-bit SSL Certificate installed. FreeYourID allows SSL Certificates from thawte.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) SDK
To develop the client end to the SRS, you must access EPP software. FreeYourID has developed EPP SDKs and guides to help you develop your client application.

If you choose to develop your own EPP implementation, it must be based on RFC-5730, the published protocol specification. You will need to acquire and incorporate an implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol into their EPP software. You will also need to secure a license for the use of RSA cryptographic algorithms through RSA Data Security, Inc.


Once you become a certified registrar, FreeYourID offers value-add services and other TLD registry services to help you grow your domain name business. These services and TLDs are easy to add to your account and start using today.

To add any of these services, please contact Customer Support at or .

Know Your Customers Better
FreeYourID® Internet Profile Service for Registrars
Valuable intelligence about millions of .com and .net domain names helps you target existing and prospective customers with timely offers.
Verisign® Domain Name Zone Alerts

Facilitate administration with real-time .com and .net zone file reports for the domain names under your management.

Help Your Customers
FreeYourID® Domain Name Suggestion Service
Expose more relevant domain name search results to attract more registrations. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
ConsoliDate and Restore

Help your customers better manage their domain name renewals and retrieve expired domain names.

Add More TLDs to Your Offering
With additional TLDs, you can give your customers more options and more ways to reach their customers.

Add IDNs
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) allow navigation of the Web in different scripts.
Add .name
A .name address is the personal and memorable address for an Internet identity.
Add .jobs
A simple way to communicate an employment page to job seekers worldwide.