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Verisign’s mission is to deliver flawless network performance so people and businesses can stay connected to the online world with confidence.


The exponential growth of the social Web means that billions of people are establishing online identities as they communicate with friends, family and their professional community. Securing a .name domain gives you a unique online address so you can create a personalized presence on the Web that reinforces and enhances the power of your identity.

  • .name means a personalized domain: .name gives users flexibility while managing their online presence. Users can register a personal second-level domain such as or a third-level domain such as
  • .name means you control your identity: .name is ideal for social networkers, bloggers, families or professionals whose brand is their name.
  • .name means protecting brands against identity theft: FreeYourID’s NameWatch service monitors registrations for early identification of potential intellectual property infringement or identity theft. While only an individual may register a .name domain name, our Defensive Registration package allows businesses and companies to remove their common law trademarks and copyrighted names from the pool of available domain names.

Become a .name registrar: Offer a highly personalized brand to your customers and rely on FreeYourID for expert technical assistance and 24/7 support.

Find a .name registrar: Help your customers establish their personal .name address.

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