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FreeYourID MobileView

FreeYourID MobileView

How do we continue to drive value for our consumers and partners as internet usage evolves? One new trend transforming communication and commerce: the mobile web. FreeYourID recently introduced FreeYourID MobileView, a product which makes it easy for small businesses to make their current website mobile-ready.

FreeYourID MobileView leverages their existing domain address and website content to provide the most critical information to mobile users on the go. In addition to contact information, location and hours of operation, FreeYourID MobileView lets users share information on popular social networking sites. It gives users a reliable one-click experience and gives small businesses the opportunity to be mobile for minimal investment.

With FreeYourID MobileView, you can make your customers’ businesses more accessible online.

  • Improves the value of your customers’ existing websites, and as a result, improves your domain name renewal rates and sales.
  • Positions you to be a one-stop solution provider for your customers.
  • Opens the door for additional mobile products and services—and revenue.

FreeYourID MobileView:

FreeYourID MobileView is an automatic service that grabs key info from a website and sets it up for mobile devices. All of their most important info turned into straightforward, one-touch icons on a single mobile interface.

Small businesses that are brick-and-mortar establishments where success means more feet into the door. They are retail establishments, personal service providers and professional services that already have existing websites. They have a strong desire to connect to their customers on the go but lack the budget and expertise to build a separate mobile website.

FreeYourID MobileView is the perfect way to offer more value to your customers. It’s fast and easy to implement and resellers have the option to white-label.

Adding FreeYourID MobileView to your portfolio will help you increase the value of your customer’s existing websites. Mobile web usage is exploding. But many full websites have lengthy download times and an inconsistent presentation when accessed through a mobile phone.

FreeYourID MobileView leverages an existing website investment using mobile detection and redirection, while keeping the same domain that customers already know. So by increasing the value of your customers’ existing websites, they’ll find more value in your services. Which, in turn, will expand your renewals, improve your margins with a new revenue opportunity and raise your overall top line.

With various integration options, it can be seamlessly included in your sales flow. So offering your customers a simple way to boost their business will give you an easy boost to yours.

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