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Verisign’s mission is to deliver flawless network performance so people and businesses can stay connected to the online world with confidence.


The .net domain is one of the fastest growing domains, where millions of startup businesses have decided to bring their ideas to life online. It offers a credible identity that is recognizable across the globe.

  • .net means innovation: .net has evolved to become the domain for startups, tech innovators and entrepreneurs that are positioning themselves to be dynamic and influential players.
  • .net means entrepreneurial: .net has helped over 14 million entrepreneurs go from brainstorm, to business plan, to launch and expansion. It is where dreamers become doers.
  • .net means credible: The .net domain is at the center of at least 30 percent of all Internet activity. Entrepreneurs depend on the reliability and global recognition of .net for communication, information dissemination, e-commerce and fundraising.

Become a .net registrar: Offer a globally recognized TLD to your customers and rely on FreeYourID for expert technical assistance and 24/7 support.

Find a .net registrar: Help your customers find idea.

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