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The .tv top level domain is the established home for video on the Web. A .tv domain name lets visitors know what to expect before they even arrive your website—VIDEO! If your site has a play button, it belongs on a .tv domain name!

  • .tv means online video: With millions of sites on the web it’s hard for new ones to get noticed. Using a .tv domain name lets your users know that your site is all about video. It lets you stand out from the crowd with a memorable and unique web address.
  • .tv is a perfect complement to your existing site: Adding a .tv domain name in addition to your .com is a great way to establish your video channel on the web with your branded video content. In addition, using your .tv website to host your training materials, product reviews, how-to videos or promotional campaigns allows you to provide an easy-to-remember web address for your users to directly access your video content.
  • .tv means more opportunities to get the name you want: There is a vast inventory of .tv domain names that are available for you to find the one of your choosing.

Become a .tv registrar: Offer a globally recognized brand and unique identifier to your customers and rely on FreeYourID for expert technical assistance and 24/7 support. What’s more, package your .tv domain name with video services to help your consumers get their videos online on their own website.

Find a .tv registrar: Ready to press play? Click here to find a .tv domain name registrar and get started with your own video channel on the web.

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