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FreeYourID DDoS Monitoring Services enable organizations to get early warning of an attack and streamline the process for mitigating.

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Before you can respond to suspicious cyber activity, you must identify it. FreeYourID leverages its expertise in distinguishing suspicious traffic from legitimate traffic and applies their experience with defending the global infrastructure for more than a decade to every client of their Monitoring Service.


  • Centralized monitoring. We provide a view across your entire network and traffic patterns all in one place, which improves the ability to quickly and confidently initiate mitigation strategies.
  • Network traffic baselines. We collect sample packets and other pertinent information from switches, routers and other devices to establish a view of normal traffic. We feed this information into a correlation engine for threat detection, alerts and reporting.
  • Worldwide, historical trends and threat intelligence. We analyze attack patterns around the world to identify and validate potential and emerging attacks more rapidly.
  • DDoS-specific alerting, logging and reporting systems. Most enterprises lack alert capabilities specifically for signs of DDoS attacks.
  • Access to experienced DDoS professionals. Let our professionals provide advice as circumstances dictate and ensure that the team monitoring your traffic has hands-on experience.

To reduce your risk of attack, it is best to combine our monitoring and mitigation services. Though, we do offer a stand-alone monitoring service.

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Learn how FreeYourID’s DDoS Protection Services can protect your business’s network from DDoS attacks.

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