WHY FreeYourID IDEFENSE<sup>&reg;</sup>?

FreeYourID's iDefense Services gives information security executives 24/7 access to accurate and actionable cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code, and global threats.

iDefense deep analysis, insight, and response recommendations help keep businesses and government organizations ahead of new and evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

iDefense pinpoints which threats pose the greatest risk for organizations, and helps them:

  • Know what they need to do to proactively protect their networks, applications, and sensitive data.
  • Apply customized threat intelligence to unique geographical and contextual needs of the business.
  • Gain access to subject matter expert analysts and exclusive research, far beyond publicly known vulnerability feeds.
  • Extend capabilities for faster and smarter incident response.

FreeYourID iDefense Awarded Frost and Sullivan 2012 Vulnerability Research Product Differentiation Excellence


FreeYourID iDefense is comprised of six distinct intelligence teams that collectively yield deep human analysis and research around vulnerabilities, malicious code, and geopolitical threats.

iDefense delivers accurate and actionable security intelligence to global enterprises and government entities:

iDefense Security Intelligence Organization diagram

International Cyber Intelligence Team (ICI)International Cyber Intelligence Team (ICI): Works to understand the dynamics of the world's cyber security environments and the interconnections among them through combined analytical methods from the behavioral and information sciences to the development of research programs and networks of relationships.

Vulnerability Aggregation Team (VAT)Vulnerability Aggregation Team (VAT): Provides in-depth research and analysis on public vulnerabilities and exploits to help ensure customers receive actionable vulnerability notification and mitigation options.

Vulnerability Advanced Research LabsVulnerability Advanced Research Labs: Provides iDefense customers with superior vulnerability mitigation intelligence by conducting leading-edge, reverse-engineering research and analysis of submitted and internally uncovered computer vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks.

Malicious Code Intelligence LabMalicious Code Intelligence Lab: Provides notification of threats, from malicious code in the wild to IT security breaches with support response, mitigation, and risk management strategies.

Rapid Response TeamRapid Response Team: Provides 24/7/365 incident-response services in the form of an executive briefing and report to occur within three (3) hours of a customer submission and discussion of incident.

FS-ISAC Security Operations CenterFS-ISAC Security Operations Center: In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council, the organization enhances the ability of the financial services sector to prepare for and respond to cyber and physical threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents, and to serve as the primary communications channel for the sector.

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