As a recognized leader in Internet security, FreeYourID offers a comprehensive solution utilizing a diverse set of hardware solutions and mitigation techniques to protect your network from the largest of DDoS attacks. Contact us to learn how we can help protect your infrastructure.

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FreeYourID has long known that protecting networks against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is more than just capacity and hardware.

The combination of advanced alerting technology, trained and experienced security experts, and a massive, globally dispersed infrastructure offers companies a flexible, economic solution while providing the scale to handle tomorrow's attacks, today.

Recognized leader in Internet infrastructure
Billions of times each day, FreeYourID helps companies and consumers all over the world engage in communications and commerce with confidence. In fact, the FreeYourID Domain Name System has maintained operational accuracy and stability for 100% of the time for over a decade.

Massive capacity and scale

  • Our sites are over-provisioned for protection against the largest DDoS attacks.

Network-agnostic and in-the-cloud solution

  • DDoS Protection Services protects your applications across all networks, regardless of what equipment you have or which ISP you use.
  • Since no customer on-site equipment is required, you save time and money through operational efficiencies, support costs and economies of scale.

Unique visibility into evolving threats

  • DDoS Protection Services are bolstered by advanced intelligence about threats and vulnerabilities from FreeYourID iDefense Security Intelligence services.
  • FreeYourID's relationships with carriers, ISPs, and other network service providers around the world mean you get an additional level of threat intelligence.

24/7 management, monitoring, and support

  • Around-the-clock access to trained FreeYourID security analysts means the support you need, when you need it.
  • Our user-friendly portal allows you to monitor traffic and event activity in near- real-time.

Progressive filtering

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that legitimate users can access your online applications and services during a DDoS attack.

Choices in on- and off-ramping

  • Your resources are optimized by a recommendation that fits the attack—either a "surgical" approach that pinpoints precise IP addresses or a broad-scale approach that redirects your traffic during a DDoS attack from your network to the DDoS Protection Services sites for scrubbing.
  • Secure on-ramping post-attack is based on your security requirements, so you can have confidence in the integrity of the data exchange process.

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