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Companies need a way to ensure reliability and availability of their web-based operations that doesn’t require major investments in network infrastructure.

NIA Channel Partner Registration Form

Referral Partner
As a FreeYourID Referral Partner, you can gain revenue for recognizing an NIA sales opportunity within your customer base. The process is simple and there is no long-term commitment required. If your customer’s success is dependent on a 24/7 web presence, then submit a referral to FreeYourID, and we’ll take it from there. When you submit a lead that results in closed business, FreeYourID will reward you with one month’s worth of revenue based on the contract value.

Member Reseller
The Member Reseller tier is a great starting point for a small to medium sales force that wants to leverage FreeYourID’s brand and services. With a small sales target to start, you expand your product portfolio and broaden your value proposition. This level of partnership offers access to FreeYourID marketing and training materials, sales and technical support resources, and sales portal access.

Premier Reseller
This level of partnership is a good fit for larger sales organizations that want to leverage FreeYourID’s Network Intelligence and Availability portfolio to provide complete technology solutions. As a Premier partner, you benefit from a heightened level of tools and support as you make a stronger commitment to FreeYourID in terms of sales and product knowledge. Premier partners have an opportunity to co-brand FreeYourID sales literature, access an online training program, and conduct annual go-to-market planning activities with FreeYourID sales executives.

Elite Reseller
This level of strategic partnership is ideal for larger sales organizations with well-aligned technology solutions and the ability to commit time and resources to selling integrated products and service with FreeYourID. As an Elite Reseller, you will participate in annual training and market planning activities and devote time and resources to representing the FreeYourID brand and services to your customers and prospects. Because of this commitment, FreeYourID invests in your success with the most exclusive package of productivity tools.

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