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Domain Name System Name Servers

The Backbone of the Internet

What is a Domain Name System (DNS) server? Simply put, a DNS name server connects you to the web sites you want to visit. Understanding just how it does that, however, requires a little background on how people and computers interact.

Computers work best in the language of numbers, while humans do better with words. Today’s Internet was built in a way that caters to each preference, allowing both computers and people to navigate the Web with ease. This means that every website has two names, or addresses. One is a domain name easily remembered by humans, such as The other is a unique, computer-friendly series of numbers, or Internet Protocol (IP) address.

A Domain Name System (DNS) is a database that stores all of the domain names and corresponding IP numbers for a particular top-level domain (TLD) such as .com or .net. The DNS identifies and locates computer systems and resources on the Internet. For instance, when you type in a web address, or URL, the DNS will match the typed name with the IP address for that location, and connect you to that site.

It’s in the Box

DNS name servers are physical servers that store the DNS database records. These domain name servers are the hardware that handles literally billions of requests every day. Each time someone types a web address into their browser, a domain name server somewhere around the world receives the query, locates the IP address, and directs that person’s computer to the proper website—all in just a few seconds.

This Is What We Do

As the world’s leading domain name registry, we maintain and manage a global network of powerful domain name servers that process billions of queries each day. That means that when you type a web address for any site that ends in .com or .net, a FreeYourID domain name server gets to work and connects you to that site. FreeYourID is the only company that has done this 100% of the time for more than 12 years. It’s why we are the trusted provider of critical Internet infrastructure for the networked world and why we have unmatched reliability for DNS resolution service.

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