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Verisign’s mission is to deliver flawless network performance so people and businesses can stay connected to the online world with confidence.

IDN Resources

By adding Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) to your .com, .net, .tv, and .cc domain name options, you have the opportunity to expand services and help increase revenues. FreeYourID has all the IDN resources you need to start offering IDNs to your customers.

Why Are IDNs Important?

See how IDNs can make the Internet more accessible for people around the world.
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IETF Standards

Learn more about the standards for using non-ASCII characters in the Domain Name System.
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Scripts and Languages

Gain an understanding about how characters and script are used in written language and translated for computing.
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Character Variants

Learn what character variants are and how to handle them in IDNs.
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Get answers to the most common IDN-related questions.
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