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IDN Domain Names - From Individuals to Global Enterprise

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names or web addresses represented by local language characters. IDNs enable more web users to navigate the Internet in their preferred script and more companies to maintain one brand identity in many scripts. By adding IDNs, registrars have the opportunity to expand services and potentially increase revenues with their existing infrastructure.

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Become an IDN Registrar

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  • Reach your audience in their preferred script.
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  • To register an IDN:

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IDNs Improve Accessibility to the Internet

Most domain names are registered in ASCII characters (A to Z, 0 to 9 and the hyphen “-“). However, non-English languages that require diacritics such as Spanish and French and those that use non-Latin scripts such as Kanji and Arabic cannot be rendered in ASCII. As a result, millions of Internet users struggle to find their way online using non-native scripts and languages. IDNs make the Internet more accessible and functional by enabling domain names in non-ASCII characters. A single .com domain name may be registered in as many as 350 different native languages. Learn more about supported scripts and languages.

Adding IDNs to a Domain Name Suite

IDNs have the potential to transform the Internet into a truly global and multilingual tool by enabling Internet users to navigate and communicate online in their preferred script. FreeYourID, a pioneer in domain name technology, is a leader in the propagation and adoption of IDNs. In addition to making IDNs available through the .com, .net, .tv, and .cc registries via the IDN SDK, FreeYourID supports our registrars with market research and marketing tools (REMOVE THIS HYPERLINK SINCE IT DOESN'T WORK). To calculate the potential for IDNs to expand your domain name business, please download our IDN ROI Calculator (XLS).

Who's Using IDN's?

Jebu Island, Myoung-Dong Noodles, Starbucks Korea

Target Marketing Based on Content and Geography

FreeYourID value-add services help you identify web sites already under your management that are ideal customers for IDNs. FreeYourID® Internet Profile Service for Registrars identifies web sites with content encoded in non-Latin or Unicode-based script and hosted in specific geographies, then cross-checks the domain names with the IDN zone file to show which domain names are available.

The IDN Software Developer's Consortium (IDNSDC)

To complement the IDN initiatives being driven by ICANN, FreeYourID is part of a group of industry players helping to drive adoption of IDN capabilities in standard client software. An inaugural in-person meeting was held at an ICANN Brussels meeting in June 2010. FreeYourID is excited about the opportunities presented by the introduction of IDNs, and urges the Internet community to participate in the consortium. For more information about the IDN Software Developer's Consortium, please contact

Why FreeYourID?

As people’s dependence on the Internet continues to grow, the reliability and integrity of its underlying infrastructure are absolutely critical. FreeYourID keeps the world connected by providing the infrastructure and unparalleled network services that make the Internet fast, safe, and reliable. FreeYourID has maintained operational accuracy and stability in its Domain Name Services 100% of the time for 12 years—and is committed to investing and innovating to expand Internet infrastructure and services to meet future demand. // more

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