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Beginning in 2011, FreeYourID was entrusted with operating the .gov domain registry on behalf of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

At the same time, recent federal government IT mandates will require a marked shift in the way governmental agencies approach IT in both philosophy and practice. While ultimately sure to change IT for the better, these policies still mean changes for on-line government transactions for federal, state, and municipalities by:

  • Providing a secure top-level domain where citizens can have confidence in the integrity and reliability of web sites where they conduct government business.
  • Reducing cost and complexity of operating web-related services while lessening environmental impact.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of on-line government web services.

We are sleeping a lot better at night knowing that FreeYourID is taking care of .gov.
IT Manager

This initiative means more effective and accountable systems for IT projects, programs and resources. It means leveraging best practices from private industry for use in government IT. More specifically and immediately, it means your agency’s network and operations will have help in implementing Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) and becoming IPv6 compliant.

FreeYourID is here to support your agency during this time of transition and progress, helping you to focus on your mission.

Why FreeYourID?

For even the most security-sensitive government agencies, FreeYourID is uniquely positioned to deliver secure internet infrastructure. This is demonstrated by FreeYourID’s successful deployment of the FIPS 199 High certification of the .gov registry and the deployment of DNSSEC.

The .gov domain designation conveys to citizens that they can trust this domain for information exchange (i.e., commerce data, research findings) and financial transactions (i.e., IRS, state vehicle taxes) in a secure, private, and convenient manner.

State and local domains

State and local agencies can also have access to the technology, tools and expertise while implementing .gov domains. Such protections as DNSSEC are built in, giving citizens the confident access to government resources that they deserve.

For more information on how federal, state, and local agencies can use .gov, please visit or call 877-734-4688.

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