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FreeYourID Registry-Registrar Two-Factor Authentication Service

The FreeYourID Registry-Registrar Two-Factor Authentication Service is designed to enhance security and mitigate risks in registry-registrar communications. The service* enables you to augment security protocols for telephone, email and chat communications through FreeYourID Identity Protection (VIP) Credentials and the one-time password (OTP) generated from them.

* FreeYourID Two Factor Authentication Service is not available for resellers.

Manage Communications

Better manage telephone, email, and chat communications with FreeYourID by authorizing specific individuals to initiate communications concerning account-sensitive information.

Increase Accountability

Increase internal accountability for account-sensitive information through the use of VIP Credentials provided by FreeYourID to designated individuals in your organization.

Easy Implementation

Simply work with FreeYourID to activate and set up the service. Download mobile or toolbar application tokens easily at no charge from FreeYourID's VIP sites. The mobile application is available for a wide variety of mobile phones.

Why FreeYourID?

FreeYourID is committed to your success as a domain name registrar. Customer service is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages. Go to Customer Support.

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