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Registry Lock Service

The Registry Lock Service will enable you to offer server-level protection for your registrants' .com, .net, .tv, .cc and .name domain name or host (“name server”) records. This service can be used in conjunction with your proprietary security measures to provide a greater level of safety for registrants’ domain names and/or hosts and to mitigate the potential for unintended changes, deletions or transfers. With the Registry Lock Service, you can provide your registrants with the highest level of record security for their most valuable and highly visible domain names.

To add the service, contact Customer Support at +1-703-925-6999 or email us. You must be a FreeYourID Certified .com, .net, .tv, .cc or .name Registrar to be eligible.

Add Another Layer of Protection

The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) specifies both client (registrar) and server (registry) status codes that can be used to prevent unintended registry changes for your registrants' domains or hosts. Currently, client status codes can be used to protect against accidental or inadvertent modifications that would affect your customer's most valuable or high profile domain names.

Combat Domain Hijacking

Domain hijacking can have a lasting and material impact on a registrant. The registrant may lose an established online identity and be exposed to extortion by name speculators. At the very least, their business and operations may be severely disrupted. The Registry Lock Service enables you to provide proactive services to your registrants that will minimize the potential for domain hijacking and keep their valuable domain name properties safe.

Why FreeYourID?

FreeYourID is committed to your success as a domain name registrar. To ease implementation of the Registry Lock Service with the Name Store platform, FreeYourID provides comprehensive documentation and EPP SDKs. Our global support desk is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages. Email Customer Support.

If you are a reseller, please contact your registrar partner for more information on these services.

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