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Verisign’s mission is to deliver flawless network performance so people and businesses can stay connected to the online world with confidence.

ConsoliDate and Restore

FreeYourID has developed two domain expiry management services to help registrars improve renewal rates. FreeYourID® Restore Services allows your registrant to rescue a non-renewed domain name from the 30 day Redemption Grace Period. ConsoliDate lets your customers coordinate renewals on a selected date to better manage large domain name portfolios.

To add the services, contact Customer Support at +1-703-925-6999 or email us. You must be a FreeYourID Certified Registrar to be eligible.

Respond to Lost Domain Names with Restore

Most registrants forget about their domain name registration until they receive a renewal notice. Sometimes the notice gets lost or misplaced on a long to-do list. When the web site disappears or email starts to bounce, the registrar receives a panicked call. FreeYourID Restore Services allow your customers to re-activate a deleted domain name and have their domain name resolve once again within 30 days of deletion.

Support Your High-Value Customers with ConsoliDate

By offering a choice of renewal date, registrars help high-volume customers better manage large domain name portfolios and offer flexibility to all registrants. ConsoliDate gives registrants with .com and .net domain names the option to select a single renewal date for multiple domain names. ConsoliDate is easily integrated with your existing EPP Interface using the Domain Update function.

Why FreeYourID?

Verisign® Domain Name Services support the industry’s most scalable, reliable resolution and registration systems, ensuring that Internet users get to where they need to go. We are committed to your success as a domain name registrar. Our global support desk is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages. Email Customer Support.

If you are a reseller, please contact your registrar partner for more information on these services.

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