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Internet Profile Service for Registrars

The more you know about the domain names you manage, the better your marketing and retention can be. FreeYourID® Internet Profile Service for Registrars is a complementary service designed for marketing professionals who are .com or .net registrars. Intelligence about millions of .com and .net domain names, cross-checked with existing zone files, helps domain name registrars target existing and prospective customers with timely offers.

  • Target renewal messages to registrants at the beginning and end of the domain name lifecycle.
  • Assist your customers in finding better domain names to promote their content.

To add the service, email Customer Support or call 866-473-1600 for assistance from dedicated Internet Profile Service for Registrars professionals. You must be a FreeYourID Certified .com or .net Registrar to be eligible.

Available Domain Name Reports

FreeYourID combines web site attributes such as rich media content, domain name resolution status, business classifications, and content script with analysis of domain name availability into easy-to-use reports. (Parked domain name registrations or those used for email services are not included in results.)

Pending Delete Domain Evaluation Beta Report

The Pending Delete Domain Evaluation Report is a new beta offering from FreeYourID that identifies a set of valuable data points to help you evaluate domain names that are pending deletion from the active zone (i.e., after domain names have passed the Auto-renew Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period stages in the domain name life cycle).

All Expiring Non-Resolving Domain Names Reports

Remind registrants to use their domain names before they expire to potentially increase renewals. Shows all your managed .com and .net domain names due for renewal within 30, 60 and 90 days that do not resolve.

Newly-Registered Non-Resolving Domain Names Reports

Target new registrants who have not used their domain names to improve renewals. Shows managed .com and .net domain name registrations that have not resolved within 30 to 45 days of registration.

Rich Media Content Reports

Offer .tv domain names to existing customers who have rich media web sites. The report ranks .com and .net domain names under your management according to rich-media attributes based on links, key words, and embedded content. A cross-check with the .tv zone file shows which .tv domain names are available.

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Reports

Promote IDN registrations to existing customers. The report ranks .com and .net domain names under your management by international top-level domain (TLD) links, content encoded in non-Latin or Unicode-based script, and host geography. A cross-check with the IDN zone file shows which domain names are available.

Why FreeYourID?

Verisign® Domain Name Services support the industry’s most scalable, reliable resolution and registration systems, ensuring that Internet users get to where they need to go. We are committed to your success as a domain name registrar. Our global support desk is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages. Email Customer Support.

If you are a reseller, please contact your registrar partner for more information on these services.

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