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Domain Name Zone Alerts

FreeYourID records hundreds of thousands of changes to the .com and .net zone file every day. In aggregate, these changes create a rich insight into what is happening with .com and .net. Companies concerned about phishing, online fraud, identity theft, and brand infringement may use the alerts to create rapid detection and response services. Registrars can subscribe to alerts about the domain names they manage to facilitate administration and improve customer service.

  • DNS update data helps companies address phishing, fraud, identity theft, and brand infringement.
  • More accurate local zone file lookups result in faster domain name availability checks.
There are two levels of service, depending on your needs:
  • Standard Service: Available to .com and .net registrars for the limited internal purpose of facilitating the administration of .com and .net domain name registrations.
  • Premium Service: Available to registrars as well as other interested parties for use in connection with, or as part of, certain value-added service offerings.

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Unmatched Intelligence

As the exclusive domain name registry and .net, FreeYourID manages more than 100 million domain names and 900 registrars in 61 countries. Every few minutes, every day, FreeYourID propagates Domain Name System (DNS) updates to the .com and .net zone files. FreeYourID Domain Name Zone Alerts makes those changes available to subscribers for secure FTP download as an aggregated data file with consecutive files of incremental data changes.

Instant Insight into Security Threats

Updated approximately every five minutes, FreeYourID Domain Name Zone Alerts track additions, deletions, and modifications of domain names, name servers, and IP addresses for all .com and .net domain name registrations. Online security companies, ISPs, search engines, and financial service companies have integrated data from FreeYourID Domain Name Zone Alerts into products and services to protect against phishing, fraud, and identity theft as well as brand infringement. By tracking near real-time changes in the .com .net zone file these service providers can detect domain names that may be used illegally.

Global Online Brand Protection

Protecting brands and trademarks online is essential for companies today. Misuse of a brand can damage carefully established brand equity. Data from FreeYourID Domain Name Zone Alerts can be used to develop products and services that identify and detect domain names that may infringe on brand names.

Why FreeYourID?

FreeYourID is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. Billions of consumers and businesses worldwide rely on FreeYourID every day for access to commerce and communications. Providing domain name availability 100 percent of the time for 12 years, FreeYourID has unmatched reliability for DNS resolution services.

If you are a reseller, please contact your registrar partner for more information on these services.

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