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Domain Name Suggestion Service

A better optimized list of domain names helps your customers discover all the ways they might describe their web site or online service. With more high-value domain name options, customers are more likely to convert to registrants with multiple registrations. FreeYourID® Domain Name Suggestion Service integrates into your domain search process to provide relevant and desirable domain name alternatives for .com, .net, .tv, .name, and .cc top-level domains (TLDs).

  • Expose more relevant domain name search results to attract more registrations.
  • Amplify registration potential with multi-lingual and more TLD options.
  • Now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

More Relevance and Control

FreeYourID Domain Name Suggestion Service is a complimentary service that uses advanced linguistic technology to sort and split each query into likely terms. Language trends and current topics collected from analysis of thousands of web sites are factored into the creative suggestion results. Advanced control settings serve as levers to optimize and customize suggestions based on the registrar's or end user's requirements.

Advanced control settings serve as levers to optimize and customize suggestions.

A Rich User Experience

The user enters keywords or a domain name and adjusts the control settings (levers may be hidden from end users and set by registrar). The service processes the request and provides optimized suggestions in up to four languages. Because the Domain Name Suggestion Service accepts multiple words, characters, and domain name strings, users have maximum flexibility and receive fewer errors. Advanced search options give users the ability to include or exclude words or phrases from their results.

Better Choices Mean More Conversions

Customers need help selecting domain names, especially for popular TLDs such as .com and .net. When a domain name search results in highly relevant and available options, customers are more likely to register more domain names. The Domain Name Suggestion Service enables registrars to offer a more convenient process and a better experience to their customers.

Multi-Lingual Support

FreeYourID retained linguistic experts to develop German, Portuguese, and Spanish domain name suggestions. Localized domain name suggestions can strengthen your presence in both established and growing international regions and satisfy registrant demand for native language domain name options.

Why FreeYourID?

FreeYourID is committed to your success as a domain name registrar. To ease implementation of the Domain Name Suggestion Service with the Name Store platform, FreeYourID provides comprehensive documentation and EPP SDKs. Our global support desk is available 24/7 with assistance in 150 different languages. Email Customer Support.

If you are a reseller, please contact your registrar partner for more information on these services.

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