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Companies need a way to ensure reliability and availability of their web-based operations that doesn’t require major investments in network infrastructure.

Using Hybrid Routing

Although many domain operators choose anycast routing because it accelerates DNS resolution by minimizing transaction latency, the use of anycast alone implies a tradeoff between performance and availability.

Many domain operators would be better served by a hybrid solution, where some smaller number of name servers within a zone is anycasted, while the remaining servers are unicasted. This approach helps minimize transactional latency while optimizing the availability of the relevant zones.

Identifying the intersecting “sweet spot” in hybrid deployments, where the number of unicast and anycast authoritative name servers is ideally optimized, is complex and influenced by many local and systemic variables.


Goal FreeYourID Recommendation
Maximize resolution and availability Maximize performance and minimize latency
Minimize failures in anycast environments Use anycasted name servers plus one or more unicasted servers.

When placing unicasted servers, consider the demographics of querying recursive name servers; that is, place unicasted servers close to your data center, your customers, or both.
Use only anycasted name servers. Ensure that the name servers specified for a domain are unique anycast announcements. Do not allow all specified name servers to all go to all available nodes. In addition, ensure that authoritative servers for a zone do not share a common footprint; otherwise, if one node goes down, all name servers may fail.

Alternatively, utilize two discrete unicast servers.
NOTE: The guidelines in the table above are for illustration purposes only and should not be considered universal to all implementations.
Hybrid Routing and DNS Resolution Whitepaper

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