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Companies need a way to ensure reliability and availability of their web-based operations that doesn’t require major investments in network infrastructure.

DNS Query Routing

FreeYourID® Managed DNS combines anycast and unicast technology to provide a flexible hybrid approach that helps optimize performance and reliability for name server queries and responses (i.e., transactions).

This routing approach—along with industry-leading service levels—is unique to FreeYourID and differentiates the FreeYourID® Managed DNS service from its competitors. Using FreeYourID® Managed DNS, organizations can leverage FreeYourID’s expertise and global DNS infrastructure to address specific needs for resolution performance, scalability, and availability.

Routing via Unicast
The sending of messages to a single network destination identified by a unique address.
Routing via Anycast
Communication between a single sender and the topologically closest instance of a network service with a common IP address.
Using Hybrid Routing
In a hybrid solution, a smaller number of name servers within a zone is anycasted, while the remaining servers are unicasted.